Expedition Clockwork Ocean

For Planetariums

The planetary films are already shown in many different cities around the world, including Kiel, Hamburg, Berlin, Potsdam, Nuremberg, Chemniz, Flensburg, Mannheim, Drehbach, Merseburg and Bad Sooden-Allendorf. An overview about the events can be found here.

You are the operator of a planetarium and are interested in our films in the 4K Fulldome format? Feel free to contact us! For playing the movie in your planetarium you need to fill out the license agreement. You will then get a link to the Domemaster download. For planetaries the use of the film is free.

Watch the movie trailers here.

„Mysterious Oceans - The Eddy Hunt“

Planetarium movie (30 minutes)
Download Agreeement „The Eddy Hunt“ (PDF) (1,4 MB)

„Clockwork Ocean“

Animated movie (10 minutes)
Download Agreeement „Clockwork Ocean“ (PDF)


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