360° Virtual Reality Player

With the virtual reality (VR) mode of the HZG’s 360-degree player, you can experience the fascinating content of Clockwork Ocean using your smartphone in combination with virtual reality (VR) glasses. To transform your smartphone into virtual reality (VR) glasses, please click on the icon below on the right Goggles Symbol. The screen will then be divided into two screens – one for each eye. You will now need a mount for your smartphone so that the image will be sharp. Now you can look everywhere, in all directions, as if you were in a planetarium.

Dr Robert Habeck, Environment Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, views Clockwork Ocean through virtual reality glasses.
Der Umweltminister von Schleswig-Holstein Dr. Robert Habeck betrachtet das Uhrwerk Ozean durch eine Virtual-Reality-Brille.

You can also view the film in 360 degrees on Youtube (currently only for PC and Android devices). To Youtube

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