Expedition Clockwork Ocean

The Research Site

In the Middle of the Baltic Sea: The scientific expedition "Clockwork Ocean" is researching around Bornholm. The scientists will scan the area, measuring approximately 150 square kilometres in size, for ocean eddies and fronts.

Map of the expedition area between the islands of Bornholm and Usedom. The water depth measures fifty to seventy meters.

The zeppelin’s airport base was located on Usedom, an island approximately fifty kilometres east of Greifswald. From the tranquil airfield, the eddy hunters set out over the Baltic Sea in the impressive research zeppelin, heading in the direction of the Bornholm Basin.

The research ships participating in the expedition were stationed on the eastern coast of Bornholm and cruised from there to the exploration region in the mornings. The research zeppelin scaned the area from the air for ocean eddies and directed the ship measurements from above.

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