The Cross-Media Project

Clockwork Ocean – Scientific Communication in 360°

Dive in and fly high! The expedition Clockwork Ocean takes you on an unprecedented journey of discovery. Experience science from a completely new perspective!

The “Clockwork Ocean” expedition is more than merely a scientific experiment. The project arose from the close collaboration between scientists and public relations endeavours. Science is not just communicated; it can be experienced directly.

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) aims to inspire a passion for science in more individuals through a multi-media and cross-media campaign. This project facilitates an up-close encounter where the public can experience the work carried out by researchers.

The first portion of the media project is the nine-minute full-dome production of the Clockwork Ocean film. An animated experience describes the relevance and course of the expedition as the viewers swim past fish and jellyfish while getting an introduction to the topic. The film is playing in planetariums worldwide.

During the expedition itself, 360° cameras were used to record as much as possible of the mission. A thirty-minute planetarium film, "Mysterious Oceans - The Eddy Hunt", emerged from this material. The audience gets to experience how a research zeppelin is utilised and follows scientists on their hunt for eddies. In combination with three-dimensional sound, the scientists’ world comes alive for the spectator.

The films are shown in the HZG's mobile dome at various events, such as at the Day of German Unity festivities, and in numerous planetariums. The films are supplemented by 360°-videos, which can all be viewed in our smartphone app "Discover Science 360°" the 360° Media Library. It doesn’t matter whether you view the film with or without virtual reality glasses – with the 360° player, you can completely immerse yourself in the world of eddy research. A virtual journey is also possible in the parallax, a multimedia rendering.

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